Pray by Percy Ray

Pray by Percy Ray

We are pleased to announce PRAY by percy ray will be returning as one of vendors of the Glam Galore Holiday Bazaar and Toy Drive. Everyone on your Christmas list will be super excited to get one these beautiful bling PRAY by percy ray shirts! These intricately designed shirts are loved by all who owns them. You or your special someone will surely turn heads in one of these!  Don’t fret, they also have shirts and other accessories for men too!  To learn more about PRAY by percy ray visit their website at and make sure you visit their booth at the Glam Galore Holiday Bazaar!


Pray by percy ray was inspired with the knowledge that even though he may not always do what is the will of God, by PRAYing and admitting what he has done, God is only a PRAYer away.​ Understanding that one is not always able to walk by faith alone.  PRAY by percy ray serves as a reminder that God is always there and in our own very unique way, we are able to contact Him one on one. 365 days a year. 7 days a week. 24 hours a day. PRAY by percy ray is designed to allow Christians and people of all Faiths to express their love for God and to spread the message of Christ to the least, the lost and the lonely.


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